Bay Area Council


Welcome to the new Bay Area Council website! The new Bay Area Council site will be hosted by the BSA National Council and will be serviced by the council. The mission of the council is to provide accurate, on-time and up-dated information for use by over 2,500 adult volunteers in the council and many thousands of users throughout the scouting community.

Each Bay Area Council District (Coastal, Cradle of Texas, Northern Star, Thunderbird) will have a section of the site that will be vital to the scouters in that area. Each district will be responsible for maintaining and updating their district page. The balance of the site will be maintained by both the National Office and the Scout Office. Although it is still a work in progess (we still have some blank pages to fill) I think that the final product will be a more user friendly site and easier to find your way around to the information that is most important to you.

Thank you for your support during the transition to the new council website.

Chuck Herrera
Scout Executive / CEO